Sunday 17 June 2007

Oman: departure

As we were now on different flights, I took mother to the airport from where a successful departure was executed in the cosy comfort of business class, demanded after last night’s debacle.

That afternoon I too enjoyed business class to London on Gulf before being squeezed into a United Boeing 747 cattle truck. The plane smelled musty and had about one million tiny seats. Immediately after take off, the inconsiderate woman in front of me thrust her seat backwards to within 20cms of my nose as I was trying to find some legroom in the barbaric conditions. I smirked as the pathetic paper napkin that came with my ‘beverage’ stated that there was more legroom than any other airline (in Economy Plus). 

A plastic tray containing my ‘fresh food items’ was plopped down in front of me by a stewardess wearing an ill-fitting wrap-around uniform. The small tray compartments contained a lump of chicken, runny mashed potato and soft vegetables swimming in over-warmed gravy. The ‘salad’ was also over-warmed and the bread roll had the consistency of plasticine. The in-flight magazine said I could relax with my favourite drink……which was true if I wanted to pay the $5 charge (e.g. for a can of ‘Bud’). On a ten-hour flight, this was pretty damn appalling. I expected coin operated toilets, but they were actually free.

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