Tuesday 31 July 2007

Oman: cats with supernatural powers

This article was sent to us by email concerning the Grim Reaper antics of a cat in an American hospital. The animal has the ability to predict the death of any patient with whom it snuggles down with at night. The cat's supernatural powers and impressive accuracy were also discussed at the end of an American MSNBC current affairs programme earlier this week. 

Koofi has similar telepathic predictive powers related to food. His belly clock goes off at exactly 4.30 in the morning which causes his parents to throw him out of the bedroom to chase sock mice for an hour before breakfast. At precisely 4.30 in the afternoon, he sits at the back of the sofa leaning over like a wiry vulture using patting and grumbling actions to enhance the fact that is feeding time. 

Although Scabby puss has a canny knack of being at the kitchen door around food time, he has developed more of a Pavlovian response to the opening of the door. The sound of very loud croaky meows soon fades away to a muffle as he digs in with his usual gusto. Akhi just goes with the flow.

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