Saturday 14 July 2007

Oman: Scabby white puss

A new cat has plans to adopt us. Initially named 'Scabby White Puss' he is now known as just 'Scabby'. Compared to the elegantly preened Akhi and Koofi the giraffe, he is a pretty ugly looking puss, with crusty fur, a gammy eye, erratically-spaced teeth and a raspy meow. He has enormous dangly parts, suggesting the name 'Cojones', but there is the possibility that a passer-by might speak Spanish when calling him for breakfast.

He is very sweet and seems to get on with our two. The three are often to be found side by side in the flower bed in the heat of the afternoon. He is very thin around the waist but is getting used to eating regular meals. He is becoming quite the food critic - distinctly unimpressed with Whiskas cat food. Scabby will remain a dustbin puss - there are no plans for total integration into the family.

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