Monday 17 September 2007

China: unable to find the Great Wall

Although the beginning of a trail leading to the wall is marked near our room, it appeared to end at terraces of chestnut trees, so we returned somewhat disappointed. Spiders with bodies the size of grapes laughed as we walked past for a second time.

After lunch however, we climbed the wall on the other side of the valley, through one tower and on to a second. Unfortunately the weather was very misty making the tops of the mountains barely visible. We were not the only ones to get lost on the other side of the valley as we observed an American family take the same route, about turn, cross the wall and return once more.

In the early evening, the humidity was relieved by heavy rain and lightening which lit up the valley. A rare treat for us. We took shelter in the hotel reception sampling rather earthy Chinese red wine before dining on a Tibetan Yak Platter accompanied by yam with honey.

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