Thursday 8 November 2007

Oman: ah, camping

The Darlington dogs leapt from the back of their car as we unpacked equipment on Tiwi beach for a short weekend of camping and fire-making. Their relief was all too obvious. Three sunshades were soon strapped together for the consumption of nibbles before tent erection commenced. Moments later, with the slickness that comes only with considerable practice, three-and-a-half tents sat on the edge of the beach with hazy mountains and a sad donkey in the background.

Snorkelling and general splashing around in the sea then took place to cool sweaty bodies. Chloe and Molly swam and ran around as if this was the last beach they would ever see, pausing only to roll in something whiffy, as dogs do. 

In the late afternoon, without prompting, the chaps automatically wandered the beach in search of wood for the evening fire. However, we were temporarily distracted as four separate devices were filled with coal and flammable liquids, gels and waxy blocks creating sufficient heat to collectively melt iron. After the traditional meat frenzy, thoughts turned back to the fire and the need for some serious wood. Hence we proceeded to chop a section from a fossilised palm trunk, which broke the blade of my axe. Much ridicule was received.

The evening rolled on, supported by much refreshment until an early retirement was called by one camper, signalling a mass withdrawal to the tents to the sound of '...but it's only 10.30!' from Jan.

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