Thursday 6 December 2007

Oman: Tiwi before it's too late

We took the Abbotts for their first visit to Tiwi before all of Oman is able to picnic on the beautiful beaches via the new road. On arrival a hideous amount of rubbish littered our favourite beach which was impressively dealt with by the girls with an impromptu fire. Katie shows excellent pyromania potential.

With camp swiftly pitched, it was necessary to cool off in the milky-white sea which was rough enough for belly boards. Further down the beach, Karen found a plate-sized turtle on a rock, struggling to get back into the sea. She helped it back into the water, where it paused in the surf before disappearing. There is another possibility that the turtle was taking a bit of a breather after a long swim from some far corner of the globe, only to be plonked back into the sea against its will.

In the late afternoon, another group arrived on the beach breaking unwritten proximity rules. As darkness fell we entered into a fire competition after noticing their rather inconsistent flames flickering pathetically in the distance with the occasional burst from firelighter fluid. We won. Oh yes, we won.

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