Wednesday 16 January 2008

Oman: Don't go out there

It has rained for the last 24 hours. The temperature at the moment is 18C, but it feels like it should be in single figures.

The drive to work took two-and-a-half hours, thanks to a new wadi that appeared across the main highway near the ministries. While sitting in stationary traffic listening to Linguaphone Arabic, discs 6, 7 and 8, I noticed that I was the only car using my wipers. All other cars had the wiper interval set on 'hourly' or not at all. Headlamps were optional too.

Sensibly, we were allowed to leave work early. The journey was slow but the traffic flowed thanks to two enormous pumps at the aforementioned site. Returning home with the car in one piece, I noticed a large lorry which had shed its huge load while taking a corner. Glad my tin foil car wasn't anywhere near that.

The hills behind the house are covered in thick cloud. Mother is wearing woolly socks and a shawl. The cats are very bored. Should be a jolly weekend.

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