Friday 11 January 2008

Oman: the farewell lunch

As Al was keen on a spot of last minute fishing, Paul took us to a small cove behind Qurum Heights in the wee hours of the morning. Although slightly concerned about catching a 'pretty' fish, Paul managed to haul in a sizeable brown spotted grouper which was donated to a Chinese couple whose need was obviously greater than ours. 

Several turtles worryingly popped their heads above the water as Al cast out and eventually wrestled in a beast of a fish which fitted comfortably in one hand. Several other fisherman arrived as the sun rose, including one chap whose strategy involved throwing in large handfuls of bread which would be gorged by shoals of tiny fish into which he would dangle a line with several hooks. Landing the fish required flicking the enormous pole backwards and catching anything that was harpooned by the hooks.

We took Master and Little Miss M for a farewell lunch at the Intercon hotel with the Abbotts. This is an all-you-can scoop affair similar to the Sheraton Fish Night, which for me, means only one thing – sushi. We sampled so many of the vast range of dishes; Al enjoyed the delicate pit-roasted lamb, Floss constructed bacon sandwiches and worshipped at the chocolate fountain, while mother, of course, saved plenty of space for the chocolate mousse.

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