Monday 7 January 2008

UAE: More snow in Dubai

Driving away from the Burj Al Arab yesterday we noticed that everyone outside the Wild Wadi water park looked very cold. Plans to visit the park this morning were therefore abandoned and we returned to the Ski Dome at Al's request.

While Flossie her time predominantly at Hennes sale, Al used every minute of the two hour session riding goofy instead of regular. By the end he was able to execute a series of carved turns like a seasoned pro. On one chair lift ride, we spotted a couple of young local girls walking down the slope, carrying their skis and holding on to the wall. Forty-five minutes later, they were still gingerly creeping down the slope.

Once again the enormous number of shops beckoned and Al and Floss were able to get new wardrobes for a fraction of UK prices. By late afternoon we were wilting. By early evening we had wilted and the idea of driving to the Noodle House in the Emirates Towers was less than attractive, so we dined at Sezzam in the mall.

The restaurant has open kitchens with three themes; flame, bake and steam. We sat by a window overlooking the ski slope to consume our food which was rather good – the service however, was not, despite the efforts of the overworked German waiter who could not have been more than about 12 years old. We drove home and flopped.

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