Thursday 21 February 2008

Oman: last minute gifts

Mrs M took Chris and Jamie to the Grande Mosque while Stew and I tinkered with electrical and gas components. We later went to Al and Floss's favourite shop Ramez, to get a few really cheap last minute presents. They were particularly interested in the range of masculine and feminine soaps which the chaps purchased a few weeks ago (see Boxing Day below). If you ask me, Jamie was a little too interested in some of these products.

A late afternoon walk on a windy Azaibah beach heightened the appetite before their last supper. Looking back over the last ten days, everyone agreed that Mrs M had, once again, done a splendid job planning and coordinating all the activities and we gave her a rousing 'hoorah!'.

And so the airport. We bid them an emotional farewell and hoped we might see them again in the Sultanate.

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Anonymous said...

would mother do any thing less than plan an activity filled holiday??? especially one with M.E. ...... takki, go to de well and fetch some water.....