Wednesday 6 February 2008

Oman: snow?!

WARNING: visitors to Oman in the next week should not read this entry. 

Mrs M has just put the kettle on; not for tea but for a hottie. She is currently shuffling around the house wearing a fleece, woolly socks and slippers due to the British weather we are experiencing in Muscat with temperatures close to 10C at night. The Met Office has reported temperatures of -4C in Jabal Shams and one newspaper contains a front-page photo of snow in Al Hamra. I hate to be a bit of a girlie, but with no heating and marble floors in the house, it is a tad nippy.

The five-day forecast shows the temperature rising to 25 in the next few days…….honestly.

1 comment:

Jamie Maison said...

Oh Dear and ive just bought sandals & shorts. Hopefully it'l cheer up by next week.

I'll pack a scarf