Wednesday 13 February 2008

Oman: Tiwi beach

Rushing home after work, I found the chaps in last-minute preparations for their first Omani camping experience. With everything packed in the car, Koofi sat on the bonnet facing the windscreen and would not budge. He complained about not being allowed to go camping as he was scooped from his protest spot to a garden chair. It's a shame, he would love the beach.

We drove to our usual Tiwi site which once again looked different as much of the sand has disappeared since New Year. We pitched camp. After hoovering the beach for wood, Jamie and Chris entertained us by attempting to prepare firewood. Their strategy was to use a rusty saw to cut half way through a branch and then throw a large rock onto the branch while the second person weighed down the other end, which catapulted the second person into the air like a circus act. A 30cm section was eventually removed and proudly placed on the wood pile.

We barbequed (with the help of an unmentionable creepy-crawly thing) and consumed with usual family gusto before the arrival of a local chap who stayed for a couple of hours. With typical politeness and sense of urgency, he left at 10 o'clock for dinner with his family.

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Anonymous said...

Standard Tiwi experience's... was he the chap we met before? did you give him chocolate and squash again and send him off high as a kite? Interesting fire prep... i'll try that one next time, if i was ever allowed near the fire!!!!!