Thursday 20 March 2008

Oman: the Wahiba Sands

Wasting no time, we bundled our new arrivals into the car and headed for the Al Areesh desert camp. As we sipped lukewarm tea in the main tent, Mrs M organised everyone for the dune drive which meant assembling the 4WD wheelchair and setting the tyres to an appropriate desert pressure.

After initial caution, Abdullah was soon throwing Mandy and Simon around the soft orangey dunes, responding to every whoop of fear and delight from the girls and Simon's oohs and aahs.

Back in the main tent, we chilled with refreshments and nibbles, while Simon relived every gear change with envy and admiration of a chap who has been dune driving since before he could reach the pedals. With full bellies, we wiled away the blissfully cool evening in the company of our hospitable hosts. I hope that Mrs M Tours hasn't peaked too early.

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