Monday 8 September 2008

Oman: happy anniversary dear

With only a few baizas in the bank account after our recent Chedi blowout, we went downmarket a little to celebrate another wedding anniversary at the Al Hooti restaurant in Medinat As Sultan Qaboos. The place was deserted as we searched for a table under the clanky air conditioning unit desperately trying to cool things down after having been idle for many hours.

A sign on the wall stated that the specials included duck (in Oman?) and chicken levers. I did not know that chicken had levers. Our chicken Chettinadu, mushroom paneer, vegetables, rice, freshly-cooked paratha, bottles of water and the obligatory box of tissues left change in 4 rials. Superb.

The drive home was unremarkable, except for the mangled wreck of a car on the opposite carriageway which had managed to get a front wheel on top of the one-metre high concrete central reservation. Sigh.

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