Monday 20 October 2008

Oman: beach camping next

From Ras al Hadd we stopped in Sur for essentials before continuing to Tiwi beach along the new road which is now surfaced to Wadi Shab, completing the highway to Qurayyat. It won't be long before the toll booths are open.

At our favourite spot near Fins, the packed lunches from the Turtle Beach Resort went down a treat as we stared out at the opal green sea and industrious crabs. With tents erected we cooled in the delicious sea and wiled away the afternoon. We men collected wood from the secret source.

As the sun set the sound of vegetable and meat chopping accompanied the fizz of beer can ringpulls and the drift of smoke from the barbecue. Meanwhile, Al crafted a splendid stack of wood ready for his eagerly awaited port and camp fire experience.

Stars popped out one by one as diner disappeared rapidly before Mrs M's traditional 'smores' were forced upon our guests. The fire was so hot a special double toasting fork technique was adopted to avoid serious burns.

A few Westolls were downed around the fire (these are demi-Westolls in the photo) before a waterlogged pallet (previously used as a raft by a lazy seagull) was dropped onto the fire to keep the mood going as long as possible. Ahhh.

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Anonymous said...

good fire paps... I notice the head lamp is being use to its full potential....