Wednesday 1 October 2008

Oman: first day of Eid

At nine o’clock the beaches near the Intercon were deserted except for a few Indian families enjoying the morning sun on the first day of the holiday. Further along, two men were fishing in the sea at waist level with simple weighted lines next to another chap performing his morning ablutions.

Despite hydrating adequately, a thirst was devel
oping near Ghubrah market where thankfully, a small Indian bakery sold water and juice. The heat index outside the shop was in the low forties and it felt significantly hotter stepping inside as the heat from the clay oven cooked lumps of dough into naan bread in a matter of seconds.
The fishing boats on Ghubrah beach were positioned in their usual rows surrounded by pieces of engine, fishing nets and lobster pots undergoing maintenance during the holiday period. On the road opposite I explored an abandoned construction project. The concrete walls of the house were daubed with the work of inexperienced graffiti artists all the way up to the bizarre clam shell balcony inspired by a Flintstone cartoon.
I continued along Street 37 and turned at the mosque towards home and an enormous quantity of water.

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