Thursday 20 November 2008

UK: snow??

I met an old friend at his office in Fleet Street where we gratuitously rode in the lift where the fight scene in 'Diamonds are Forever' was filmed. We headed to 'All Bar One' where my plans for a modest couple of pints went astray. The traditional post-pub hunger was addressed in Wagamama's under the Festival Hall with hundreds of other noodle-slurping customers squeezed around rows of long tables.

It was decidedly chilly as I crossed the river to Waterloo and I thought about returning to the warmth of Muscat. Snow was forecast for the weekend.

I woke up as the train pulled out of the station before Hampton - unlike Al who would have continued to Shepperton and lost another mobile phone. It’s a family thing. I was soon snuggled up with Daisy.

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