Monday 2 March 2009

Oman: the wrong sort of cheese

The Shafaq was crowded and windy. A gaggle of Mrs M’s girlie chums sizzled in the warm sunshine to top up tans for the ball. Despite an incident with feta cheese, everyone had a relaxed time. So relaxed that a snooze was required before dinner, forcing Koofi to complain vociferously at 6pm about the lack of Snappy Tom. 

We returned to the Shafaq for the popular evening buffet. Sadly it was not around the pool but in the dining room where they keep the more clueless waiters and barmen with the urgency of turtles. Mrs M has found a substitute for the once legendary chocolate mousse in the form of ‘umm ali’ - a creamy Arabian bread and butter pudding. Very tasty.

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