Monday 18 May 2009

Oman: Japengo Café

Japengo CaféThere’s rarely such a thing as bad sushi (with the exception of the Marjan in the Hyatt which was dismal) so we decided to try the Japengo Café located on ‘Love Road’ (yes, really) near the Crowne Plaza.

The moment we arrived something was bugging me – the name seemed familiar. The restaurant is part of a chain with several branches in Dubai serving Japanese dishes fused with everything from pizza to Lebanese cuisine. I would normally sell my children for a spot of sushi, but sadly the sushi prices seemed extraordinarily high. The four of us plumbed for Nasi Goreng, Sin Chow Noodles and a curious stir fry in a basket thingy – all good. A nice stylish place with good service and good food for most tastes. Probably not worth re-visiting, for the sushi anyway.......ooh, I feel a need for a trip to the sushi night at the Sheraton Qurum Beach.

So where have I seen this before? Now I remember, La Jolla in San Diego. Same name, same style. Apparently, Bin Hindi enterprises claim to have created the Japengo Cafe concept. I can only conclude that they must be connected with the San Diego branch because it’s awfully, awfully similar.

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