Tuesday 12 May 2009

Oman: out of Azaibah

The sound of tape being stretched around large boxes echoed around the slowly emptying house. The cats were hiding under the car while Abbey the kitten had been locked in a room with a sign declaring that entry was forbidden (like the vicious bunny). The crew’s (token) driver napped on the sofa while the rest of his colleagues worked their arses off. The lorry was bursting at the seams like a Richard Scarry cartoon jumbo jet (held together by a snake you may recall) causing the boss to declare that they would have to make two trips. I looked after the old house while Mrs M directed traffic in the new.

Meanwhile my quest for something to eat produced scrambled egg cooked in a cup, Branston pickle and a can of beer. Yummy.
I entertained Abbey while waiting for the movers to return. Two hours and lunch later, the chaps finished packing and the house contained only scraps of paper and the landlord’s hideous furniture. As darkness fell I drove to Al Hail to spend my first night in our new home.

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