Saturday 24 October 2009

Oman: the desert....and poo

Following a brief lunch, we headed for the Wahiba desert. There was a hint that something hideous was about to happen as we approached the dunes. Sure enough, seconds after we arrived in the camp, Ethan’s bottom exploded. The cleanup operation required a hose.

A while later, crazy Abdullah was throwing them around the dunes before pausing at the top to watch the sunset. Shattered nerves and dry throats were relieved with sundowners on the barbecue racks during which Ethan entertained with farty stories.

A tinkle of a bell signalled the charge to dinner. The team ate with passion – even LMF overcame her ‘x (insert any food) tastes funny’ objections to consume respectable quantities. The fire beckoned. So did a bottle of LBV. Quite a few Westolls later, I looked at my watch as our visitors retired for the evening. It said 9 o’clock.

Looking up at the stars next to Mrs M, I realised that if I went to sleep now it would probably still be today when I woke up. I tried stabbing myself with a ballpoint pen to keep no avail.

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Sarah: A selection of comments from Ethan (E) and Bethany (B):
B-'You could smell it a mile away'
E-'No comment'
The dune drive:
Sleeping out:
B-'It was okay'
E-'I saw 15 triangles made of stars'
It sounds like Ethan also had a couple of 'westolls'