Wednesday 11 November 2009

Oman: farewell dear friends

The cats were thoroughly confused when the alarm went off at 2.30 this morning for me to drive the remaining visitors to the airport. Only two other travellers were in the terminal as they checked in at the Emirates desk and strolled to the departure lounge. Once again, we performed the standard British slightly uncomfortable farewell procedures as I wondered when, or where, we would see them next.

We missed you Jerry.


Sid said...

It was a wonderful triplog with a visit to most of the places that I have heard of on the Muscat tourist circuit.
Though full of references which I didn't totally understand, it was a good read.

Anonymous said...

he estado leyendo su blog pero aun no entiendo que final tiene. Usd parece frustrado con la cultura arab y la manera en cual las cosas funcionan alla. Me pone preguntarme que hace en ese pais.

Gata Salvaje said...

Es como 'mañana', pero mucho más lento.