Thursday 3 December 2009

Oman: we don't want to go home

The fire was still flickering at 05.00am so I placed more wood on the embers which brought it nicely back to life.

A few hours later, we were toasting croissants to accompany buttery scrambled egg and fresh coffee. We played in the surf for a couple of hours while Ian made the most of the curiously unpredictable tide to catch a few more fish.

Around 11.00am, we packed the cars and pumped the tyres back to road pressure before heading back to Ras Al Hadd. We took lunch at the Turtle Beach Resort before driving back to Muscat in the failing light of the early evening.

The beaches on the northern coast are suffering from overuse now that anyone in a Toyota Echo can reach them within a couple of hours of Muscat. The unspoilt beaches on the east coast may be destined for the same fate, but for now they are, thankfully, beyond the reach of the average single-night camper.

We shall return.

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Anonymous said...

Shame I had to miss all this! I am told we are going there again in January - I'm looking forward to it! Jan