Thursday 18 March 2010

Oman: A stroll on the corniche

There was heavy dew early this morning which made walking difficult on the slippery pavements along the corniche before dawn. I was sure I could smell onions. A beautiful orange sun peaked above the horizon and eventually appeared over the mountains past Riyam Park as an enormous container ship nuzzled its way out of the port with the help of two tugs. Cars tooted their horns as I stood on the wall of the fountain to photograph the giant gold pots.

Just past the amusement park, I climbed the steps to a tower overlooking the harbour and entered through a very small door to find a couple of rusty cannons pointing out through windows overlooking the clear, almost emerald green sea. Below were mangled concrete Gonu remnants and a few small fishing boats bringing in the morning catch.

Evidence that summer will be here next week was visible in the damp patches on my shirt as I strolled back past seagulls snoozing and pooping in the sunshine on the dolosse along the sea wall.

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