Tuesday 1 June 2010

Oman: Trekking path C53

Trekking path C53Following last week’s excursion to trekking path C52, I returned once again after work to walk the second path in the Bandar Al Jissah area, C53. After climbing the old road which used to lead to the Dive Centre (now a dead end), there is a break in the crash barrier on the first bend from where C53a extends a short distance to the sea on the rocks, or down to a secluded beach. Two workers on the beach waved (at the looney above) as I stood on the ridge and studied the magnificent range of blues in the sea below.

Back at the road, I passed the workers’ lorry which still had its engine running to keep the sleeping driver comfortable while Trekking path C53his colleagues laboured in the appalling heat. I followed C53b to the next bend and took the concrete track up to the transmitter which provided a great view of the Dive Centre where it all started for me five years ago.

I continued along the path which is devoid of any official markers, but is clearly visible (even from space – see Google Earth). Towards the end, the track narrows and posts and wires are provided for walkers of a nervous disposition. At the top, there are splendid views of the coastline and the aesthetically unpleasing Shangri La development. I looked around for the benches shown on the map, which I eventually found built into the face of the cliff.

I couldn’t tell if the pTrekking path C53hotos I was taking were any good due to the brilliant sun on the LCD screen and the sweat filling up the viewfinder cup. I had to keep the lens pointed downwards to stop sweat dripping from my hat. It is a testament to the ruggedness of my Olympus E300 which has endured extreme heat, snow, dust, smoke, sweat, humidity, rain and plenty of food and drink particles.

More than I can say for my boots. The right boot suffered a mechanical failure which resulted in them being thrown into a bin in the car park. I towelled down and donned clean clothes which just about stayed dry on the journey home with the assistance of the air conditioning on full blast.

For more information on trekking, see the link below, the Trekking Oman website or the following books: Oman Trekking, Oman Off-Road and Adventure Trekking in Oman.


Blewyn said...

I wonder if it's possible to camp on that nice small beach in the 2nd picture then go to the Dive Centre restaurant for breakfast....?

Mr. Steve said...


Did you mean the small beach in the third picture?

This photo http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/steve.maison/TrekkingPathC53_may10#5478829718163362530 shows the beach underneath where I was standing. Some guys were setting up for a function under an awning on the beach. Don't know if it's covered at high tide, but it would make a great location for the night.

There is another small beach across the other side of the bay which you can walk to at low tide. Don't know if ODC would allow campers - somehow I suspect not.