Tuesday 29 June 2010

Oman: Yet another last supper

After several farewell breakfasts, lunches and dinners, another last supper took place with two Salims at the Turkish House restaurant in Al Khuwayr. These two gentlemen represent a subset of the total number of Salims in the office. I shall miss the extended debates with Salim 1. I’ll miss the conversations about Salim 2’s donkey.
The restaurant was packed as we munched though an enormous plate of salad and coffee-table sized bread. Three portions of oven-baked and grilled shrimp later, we could barely stand. Superb.

We tried to walk it off round the backstreets of the old Al Khuwayr souq towards, what Salim 1 claimed to be ‘the park’. Apparently he was referring to the small area of grass which was littered with late night pick-nickers and young Omani boys trying to pull Omani girls that were wandering around in small groups trying hard (not) to be noticed. The dingy lighting and smell of drains added to the ambiance.

Once again, it was time to say goodbye to another couple of good friends. They both promised to visit. I think they might.


Salim said...

Well the time has come. It seems like just yesterday. Its hard to say goodbye but I can say see you soon.
The texts (Salim 2’s donkey) of this article remain the copyright of the Author (Steve). Under no circumstances should the text be used without the express written permission of (Salim 2’s) who is becoming more Adventurers. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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