Sunday 27 March 2011

Singapore: MacRitchie Reservoir Park

MacRitchie Reservoir ParkWalking in a westerly direction with a wheelchair from the Lornie Road car park in MacRitchie Reservoir Park was not without its problems. ThMonkey - MacRitchie Reservoir Parkankfully Mrs M had prepared sandwiches and tiny little quiches which provided sufficient time to develop an alternative strategy. We returned to the visitor centre to walk in the opposite direction which proved to be less challenging. Monkeys - MacRitchie Reservoir Park

We walked past naughty monkeys lounging in the afternoon sunshine while others fought over coconuts. Birds sang unheared songs as butterflies fluttered in the bushes. Children’s voices echoed across the lake as they played in kayaks. Turtles popped their noses out of the water to check on the rain which threatened but did not appear.

A very pleasant afternoon.

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