Monday 18 April 2011

Malaysia: Pulau Besar

Liberal application of Mrs M’s Internet recipe sand-fly treatment, which includes tanning oil, Dettol and tea tree oil makes us smell like high street chemists, but seems to do the trick. She has also realised that her bum cheeks must stick out of the water while snorkelling, as there are signs of sunburn in this region. Extra cream was therefore applied this morning to avoid further cheek irritation.

After another day of inactivity, we chatted to the manager about how much we had enjoyed the last few days, especially the food. The chef had taught himself how to cook over sixteen years ago and had also learned from some of the chefs working on the reality TV series 'Survivor' which is filmed each year on Pulau Besar. The results speak for themselves, as tonight’s Beef Rendang was absolutely delicious.

We do not want to leave tomorrow.

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