Friday 22 April 2011

Malaysia: Pulau Tioman

Pulau Renggis from Berjaya Golf ClubhouseThis morning I was sitting by the door at 03.30am with my bags packed in my mind. Mrs M stirred four hours later so I made tea to ensure we would not miss the ferry (in five hours time).

After an early morning beach run, we sauntered to breakfast past the leathery skinned lady (now resembling Peat Bog Man) who was already settling down for the day. Breakfast was made bearable by the discovery of the roti stand where a chef was producing a steady stream of delicate breads that went superbly with the curried vegetables. We have noticed that nobody is smiling – perhaps there’s a charge for that as well.

Mrs M was getting twitchy as we sat in the truck waiting to leave, but she soon calmed as we took our seats inside the delightfully air conditioned ferry for the during the 90-minute crossing back to Mersing.

The journey back to Singapore was delayed by border congestion at Woodlands. Three grumpy cats were not interested in our adventures.

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