Friday 8 April 2011

Singapore: Night Safari

Serval or Koofi the cat?M&S returned from their adventures in Malaysia for one last night in Singapore before returning to London. In the early evening, they were filled with curry and Tiger beer at Sammy’s before the drive to the Night Safari. We bypassed the queues for the tram and entered the park just after 8.00pm. Three-and-a-half hours later, even the nocturnal animals were getting sleepy as we raced back to the entrance for the last tram.

Despite superb disability access throughout the whole park, it was not possible to take the last tram, as it did not have wheelchair access. Or so they thought. At one point nine staff with radios, headsets and mobile phones were scuttling around trying to organise a replacement vehicle with the appropriate accessories. Ten minutes later a replacement tram arrived and we were given a private tour as the clock ticked towards midnight. I think I made an audible ‘hmmm’ noise when the guide mentioned the panda and polar bear exhibits in the River Safari theme park that will open towards the end of the year.

It was Friday morning when we left the park.

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