Saturday 9 July 2011

Singapore: Dancing with the green fairy

Absinthe restaurant - Bukit Pasoh RoadWater dripped slowly from the Absinthe fountain over the sugar on its way to the clear liquid in the bottom of the glass. Moments later, the slight bitterness from the wormwood sprig in the Fleur d´Absinthe hit the back of the throat while perusing the menu and nibbling on good French bread (a rare treat in Singapore).

The Bouillabaisse Traditionnelle also contained absinthe, along with rouille sauce and garlic croutons. This, and Mrs M’s cuisse de canard were accompanied by a Chateauneuf du Pape and plenty more bread.

The best was yet to come with a cheese selection that included a Caruchon sheep’s milk cheese, a goat’s cheese and a wonderful Camembert from the cheese cart. These teamed nicely with a glass (almost a Westoll) of chilled 2007 Quinta do Vale Meao Vintage Port.

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