Sunday 2 October 2011

Malaysia: Mirage Island Resort

Sunrise - Teluk Iskandar Inn, MersingThe beach near the Teluk Iskandar is not pretty, but the sunrises make up for the disappointment.

The musty smell from the life jacket wafted up my nostrils as we sped across a calm sea to Pulau Besar. Mrs M had booked the Mirage Island Resort rather than the Aseania Beach Resort which, according to the website, was not availJetty, Pulau Besarable in October.*

It wasn’t long before the girls had established themselves on the beach in front of a group of sweaty French chaps playing touch rugby. It was a little disappointing to watch, rather like their national team’s performance against Tonga earlier that afternoon (hee hee).

In the early evening, we wandered over to the Aseania for a drink. The storm that had been threatening for a few hours decided to break forcing the conMirage Island Resort, Pulau Besarsumption of more beer until we braved the return journey with borrowed umbrellas.

We dined heartily on the Mirage resort’s barbequed offerings, although the potato situation reached criticality due, I suspect, to the German contingent.

A problem with the air conditioning unit in our room in the night resulted in much head scratching for three chaps equipped with an electrical screwdriver. Time would only tell how cranky this would make mother in the morning.

* The Aseania manager later stated this was due to an error on the website.

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