Wednesday 29 February 2012

Malaysia: Pulau Sibu

A group of localRimba Resort, Pulau Sibu fishermen gathered vast amounts of well-worn equipment on Tanjung Leman jetty as we waited for the boat to Pulau Sibu. A sack barrow of ice was hastily dumped aboard before their boat chugged out to sea.

The crew struggled with Mrs M’s wardrobe-sized bag before placing the two tiny rucksacks of our fellow travellers on board the speed boat to Sibu. We thumped over to the northern tip of Island due to the rough sea, slowing just before turning into a row of buoys which marked the cleared route onto the beach near the Rimba Resort. We were shown to our hut which faced out to sea aRimba Resort huts, Pulau Sibund was kept cool by a stiff northerly breeze left over from the recent monsoon.

In the afternoon we took the short jungle trail to the other side of the island which leads to the Sea Gypsy Village Resort.Rimba Resort beach, Pulau SibuThis caused Mrs M to drip like a leaky hot water bottle so we returned through the humidity of the jungle trail to the cool sea breezes of the Rimba resort. After showering, Mrs M produced a homemade banana cake to go with a nice cup of tea.

At exactly 7pm, Mrs M tapped her watch indicating her need for a drink. The light faded quickly as we chatted to the bar staff who encouraged the consumption of a few Tigers before dinner. We sat at a table looking out into the darkness of the open sea with the gentle sound of crashing waves and the rustle of palm trees while working our way through a four course meal. Ahhhhhh………

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