Thursday 12 July 2012

South Korea: Pancakes and rice wine

Korean seafood pajeon with kimchi, tofu and makgeolli
At 6pm with an evening of work ahead, I tried to visit a few  restaurants in the local area for a quick meal but each one was jam-packed with lines of customers snaking along the pavement. Koreans apparently like to eat early.

Bizarrely, the hotel only had Chinese and Japanese restaurants although Korean was available as room service. I therefore ordered the Korean seafood pajeon (pancake) with kimchi (fermented cabbage) and tofu which was quite splendid. The flagon of milky Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) was a delightful accompaniment to the sweetness of the pancakes and the sourness of the pickled cabbage. Thankfully Makgeolli is not as strong as Sake so the evening continued with full mental functions although several trips to the space-age toilet were required.

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