Thursday 23 August 2012

Singapore: Raffles and the Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling - Raffles Long BarA visit to Singapore is not complete without sampling the famous cocktail. At lunchtime, we sat in the Raffles Hotel Long Bar with four Singapore Slings, a box of peanuts to throw on the floor (almost an act of debauchery on this island) and some quite decent fish and chips. I noticed that every customer, (many on their own) asked someone to take a photo of themselves on their mobile phones holding the rather effeminate fruit-covered, frothy drink.

From the hotel, we walked along St. Andrew’s Road which was being prepared for the Grand Prix on one side while City Hall and The Old Supreme Court Building are being converted into a new National Art Gallery on the other.

It must have been a school outing afternoon as hundreds children in matching uniforms and clipboards followed their teachers like groups of ants before congregating around Cavenagh Bridge, the Asian Civilisation Museum or the statues on Raffles Landing. We hailed a taxi near the MICA building to return home so our guests could prepare for their departure.

On the way to the airport, we stopped at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village to admire the beautiful blue uncluttered sea and lovely natural beach before undertaking a reconnaissance circuit of the food stalls. Tracy and Dave got into the spirit of the occasion by sampling a number of dishes including a plate of sea snails (gong gong) which went nicely with a tangy chilli sauce or some leftover soy. 

A few minutes later, we dropped them at Terminal 1 to continue their journey to Australia’s northeast coast. Hopefully we will also make this journey one day……

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