Saturday 6 October 2012

Singapore: Bollwood Veggies

Signs - Bollywood Veggies
Poison Ivy Bistro - Bollywood VeggiesThe Kranji Countryside Association is attempting to preserve the small rural pocket of northwest Singapore by promoting agriculture, eco-tourism, education and conservation. One of the members of the association is Bollywood Veggies located on Neo Tiew Rd.

The ten-acre eco-farm also includes the Poison Ivy Bistro which features a menu based on local organic ingredients. The restaurant was packed with locals and a very small number of tourists dressed in adventure shorts, adventure sandals, sweaty adventure shirts and hats. I chose a chicken curry (really good sauce) with brown rice while Mrs M went for a pancake with red otah (a paste made from fish and spices).

Calabash tree - Bollywood VeggiesWe wandered through the garden following the designated blue trail past rows of trees and plants labelled with yellow paint on blue signs. The fruit from the large variety of banana trees (minus the enormous blackberry-sized ants presumably) is a key ingredient in the legendary banana cake which sits invitingly on the counter in the restaurant. Unfortunately Mrs M’s low carbohydrate regime dictates that she, and therefore we, are not allowed to eat cake.

I suggested this might be a suitable place to bring Mrs M parents on their next visit, although I believe I have a meeting on that date.

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