Monday 14 January 2013

UK: Back to Singapore with sickly people

Somehow we managed to cram Christmas presents, extra skiing equipment and other purchased items into already overweight suitcases. The lady on the Singapore check-in desk didn’t mention the slight excess, but then she didn’t see the rather plump hand baggage intentionally hidden out of sight.

On board the aircraft, there was good news and bad news. The good news was that the bulkhead ‘family’ seats with extra legroom were available, so I scooted over as soon as the doors were closed. The bad news was that there were far too many snotty, coughing passengers on board - the type that make audible swallowing noises after they’ve had a good hack to clear the phlegm from the backs of their throats. Sickly people should not be allowed on planes. People who pass wind in the cabin should also be exempt.

Twelve hours later, and reasonably refreshed, we drifted onto the warm runaway at Changi and walked several kilometres to retrieve our bags to begin the quest for emergency milk for a nice cup of tea at home.

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