Thursday 7 March 2013

Malaysia: Aseania’s wildlife

At breakfast we fed one of the resort cats an entire chicken sausage in small pieces. As the cats have similar characteristics to our Arabian cats, Mrs M once again discussed the possibility of sneaking one through customs to add to our collection.

Sleeping bats - Aseania, Pulau BesarThe squeaky bats generally snooze in daylight hours in the tall palm trees along the beach. Today however, they had congregated in some of the lower broadleaf trees. Lack of space on the palm branches often causes a bit of a kerfuffle, but with less room on the lower trees there was the inevitable squabble which resulted in a bit of a reshuffle. Those not involved wrapped themselves more tightly in their wings and continued their nap.

Strix, the resort Labrador went hiking with George who is staying on the island as the coordinator for the forthcoming 'Survivor' filming which starts in May. The dog had to be carried over some of the bigger rocks but climbing, jumping, getting wet and accumulating layers of mud and sand are what dogs do best. Going 'bat-shit crazy' (sounds better in a South African accent) on return to base camp is a particular trait of this dog. George provided information on some of the island’s hiking paths which will be explored tomorrow.

Mrs M made a special request to have one of the chef's specialties for dinner, the Beef Rendang. It did not disappoint.

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