Saturday 26 October 2013

Malaysia: George Town street art

Pinang Peranakan Museum sketch

Street art - George Town, PenangWith Floss still sound asleep in the room, we took the free hotel bus and then a trishaw to the Clan Jetties where we began our own tour of George Town’s street art. Although we had planned a route, we found an excellent large scale map which showed the location of each piece of artwork. Without the map we probably would have missed a few which had either disappeared or faded.

Street art - George Town, PenangAt one point after walking through the main cluster of paintings around Lebuh Armenian, we mysteriously found our trishaw driver waiting by side of the road; it was almost as if he knew where we were going. After visiting one piece we had missed, the chap provided a running commentary about the time he worked in a restaurant off Clementi Avenue in Singapore while pedaling furiously towards the Pinang Peranakan Museum on Church Street.

Street art - George Town, PenangStreet art - George Town, PenangWhile Mrs M admired one of the finest examples of a Peranakan house, I sat speed doodling at the back of the car park surrounded by other tourists who were determined to take a peak at my scribblings.

We moved to a local café for a quick snack before continuing our quest to find the last couple of pieces on Jalan Muntri and Jalan Penang. Hot, sweaty and tired, we clambered aboard another trishaw for the short journey to the hotel where the bus was to return to the Shangri-La.

Street art - George Town, PenangA strange smell filled our nostrils as we climbed aboard the bus. The smell became noticeably stronger and warmer during the journey as the driver began to struggle with the gears, suggesting the clutch was about to give up. Sure enough, about ten minutes away from the hotel, a clang and final lurch brought the bus to a halt. The driver calmly telephoned his company and within five minutes, two minibuses arrived to take the passengers to their destinations. A splendid service.

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