Wednesday 25 December 2013

UK: Yet another Christmas Day

Christmas fashion
Members of the family from Maryland USA, Singapore, Falmouth, Bristol, Winchester and Guildford gathered in Teddington for Christmas dinner hosted by Ann and John. In response to an observation made last year, I made sure there were some green items on my plate.

Mrs M’s now traditional after-dinner pass-the-parcel commenced with instructions for Miles to wear the penis pants that he missed last year. He was very pleased with his new appendage which he displayed with a little too much pride. Prizes and tasks included a Karma Sutra dot-to-dot book, clown shoes, glasses and a red afro wig, face paints, a penguin hat, penis silly string and a bucket of skin tone play dough which inspired some participants to fashion models of buttocks with toilet-related matter which looked very attractive on Ann and John’s television. We do like a nice bit of intellectual stimulus in our family.

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