Saturday 4 January 2014

UK: Hooray for Singapore Airlines’ new baggage allowance

In the early hours of the morning, we wrestled with the contents of four cases to get the total amount of baggage, Christmas presents,  Mrs M's port, pills and potions, things you can’t buy at home and tea bags to within Singapore Airlines' increased baggage limit of 30kg. Check-in was smooth; security arrangements were not. What has happened to British manners and patience?

I have said it before, but for an airport which purports to be one of the world’s finest, Terminal 3 looks like the aftermath of a disaster with scruffy passengers camped in every available space surviving on sandwiches. I looked forward to the clean toilets of Changi airport.

Thirteen hours of cramped flying and one vomiting passenger later, we arrived at an empty Terminal 3 before heading back to the house to confront three rather disgruntled cats.


Unknown said...

looked forward to the clean toilets of changi airport?????

Steve - i think you need help!

Mr. Steve said...

Bit of a long-standing gripe about Heathrow's toilets, particularly in Terminal 3. Arriving back into that terminal a few years ago was embarrassing as the toilets after immigration were nasty. Thankfully, the situation has improved. However, we generally arrive at Terminal 3 in Changi which is absolutely huge with only a handful of passengers and less staff. Gentlemen in orange nylon jackets proudly display their names on the entrance of the lavatories and there is a sterilised touch-pad for users to register their impressions of the clean, sweet-smelling (no smell of poo), brightly lit (no broken bulbs), fully functioning (no urinal taped up with carrier bags) facility.