Monday 31 March 2014

Burma: Going back before the tourists arrive

Having visited Rangoon last month, I thought I would take Mrs M back to Burma before it is overrun with people with puffy hair and Marks & Spencer adventure slacks. Myanmar International Airways’ limited legroom meant sitting side-saddle for two-and-a-half hours but at least this time the cushion did not feel as if it had been stuffed with old socks. On arrival, we exchanged four crisp bits of paper for a stack of old bits paper at the currency exchange office and headed for the hotel and a nice cup of tea.

Feel Myanmar Food RangoonIn the early evening, we took a taxi to the Feel Myanmar Food restaurant on Pyi Htaung Su Yeikthar St where the locals where gathering around low tables on the pavement as darkness fell. We first sat down in the Thai restaurant but after making enquiries about Burmese food, the waiter escorted us to another restaurant in the block.

Venison and lamb - Feel Myanmar Food, RangoonThe waiters provided a tour of the buffet from which we selected a number of local dishes including spicy venison, lamb and potato, beansprouts and dried fish, and biryani rice. These were delivered to our table to accompany soup, mixed greens and dips, mixed crunchy vegetables, boiled rice, a mysterious thin sauce, a wonderful lime pickle, a flask of tea and very cold Myanmar beer. There was a lively atmosphere in the restaurant, mostly from the hoards of young staff and the increasing number of diners who were filling every available seat.

The restaurant was completely full by the time we had finished. Our bill came to just over $10.00 or about the price of a cup of coffee in Singapore. We strolled along the pavement past woks full of oil ready to fry savoury and sweat delights. Among the street vendors was a purveyor of maps tickling the interest of any cartographers that happened to wander by. 

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