Sunday 5 October 2014

Singapore: Dining in the dark

NOX Dine in the Dark - 269 Beach Road
In the early morning, I drove to the Arabic Quarter for a quick doodle of the restaurant we had booked for the evening.

At 8.00pm, Andrew and I arrived at the NOX - Dine in the Dark to be stripped of all sources of light including mobile phones, watches with luminous dials and shiny teeth. After a swift beer, our visually impaired waiter led us upstairs to the dining room which was in total darkness.

Each of the three courses comprised four dishes, to be eaten in the order of 6, 9, 12 and 3 o’clock. Some tastes, textures and smells were recognisable; some were not. Each dish was delightful.

Dine in the Dark experienceAfter the meal, our waiter took us downstairs to complete a questionnaire on the food. The host then provided details of each of the courses, together with photographs on an iPad. Although I wrote down all of the dishes, it would not be appropriate to list each of the ingredients, even though the menu is regularly changed; surprises included eel, tripe and umami beans.

We wandered into a café at the end of Bussorah Street to sip Turkish coffee and beer during the second half of the Chelsea v Arsenal game. The sweet smell of shisha smoke drifted past our noses bringing back memories of another place which will always be in our hearts.

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