Saturday 8 November 2014

Singapore: Red Dot Design Museum

I spent over half an hour wandering around the splendid Red Dot Design building on Maxwell Road looking for the best vantage point that wasn’t covered in trees. A few minutes after settling down at the relatively tree-free southern end of the building, my view was suddenly blocked by a lorry carrying insulated pipes for the colossal building construction behind. Bother.

I killed a bit of time until the museum opened at 11.00 o’clock, by studying the range of shades of red paint used to patch up the rather scruffy crimson paintwork of the external walls.

The shop was something of a disappointment with a collection of mostly stationery and bags. The best feature of the museum was that many of the exhibits can be handled and photographed - I spent ages sitting on the stools thumbing though some of the books. The more advanced engineering designs are placed in themed rooms around the central hall. On the way out, I browsed through the Red Dot Design Yearbook, one copy of which had been left open at the page of sexual health products including a range of award-winning vibrators.

Emerging back into the brilliant sunshine, I sat down to finish the sketch of the building in the company of a thick dark line of ants which had to deviate round my bag and flask of coffee.  

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