Wednesday 31 December 2014

UK: Christmas and the poo-pit

Christmas 2014 was based in our new house in deepest, darkest Surrey. Mrs M and Flossie did a splendid job with limited resources to turn the lounge into a page from a Christmas catalogue. 

The wood-burning stove kept the house cosy and warm for the seven family members who camped for a few nights during the festivities. However, the cesspit was not able to cope and asked to be emptied on Christmas morning. The cost of the emergency drainage would have paid for a small family car, but we had little choice. Santa did not bring either of us a domestic water treatment plant, so it looks like we will have to buy one for ourselves. 

I spent much of the holiday exploring the new house, admiring my two sheds (one of which has an extension) and making plans for the passing of numerous hours chopping and stacking wood as I used to do in America. During a shed rummage, I was re-acquainted with my axes and splitting wedges which had been in storage for many years. Happy days ahead.

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