Friday 20 February 2015

Singapore: Sketching with naked ladies

Piedra Negra Cafe
Mannequins, Piedra Negra Cafe Plans to sketch the Masjid Sultan mosque were scuppered as the building was wrapped in scaffolding and sheets of plastic. I settled down instead at the back of the Blu Jaz Café to doodle to the accompaniment of music from the Piedra Negra café. Warm sun, a comfy chair, a baguette crammed with brie and a flask of Lavazza coffee. Perfect.

The passers-by that stopped for chats and photos were also pointing their cameras at roof level at the back of the café where a number of naked female mannequins were positioned overlooking the small alley.  It’s the sort of scene that might be found in a garden of a loony in an English village, but rarely in Singapore. There should be more.

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Anonymous said...

ohhh love this sketch....go paps!