Sunday 12 April 2015

Mongolia: Singapore to Ulaanbaatar

Jetway sketch - Incheon airport
The journey to Mongolia took over twenty hours, including a six hour layover at Incheon in South Korea. I passed some of the time in a comfy chair catching up on sleep. 

While wandering the same dreary airport shops, I found a Charlie Brown Café, which reminded me of an alternative direction I could have taken almost forty years ago. Sadly, there was no ‘Somebody in (insert city) loves me’ tee-shirt for our Flossie which was her favourite present from America on my travels. In the last hour, I doodled the jetway that would eventually lead to the MIAT aircraft.

In the late evening I reached the Kempinski Hotel in Ulaanbaatar just in time for dinner. I was the only customer in the Japanese restaurant where I spent an hour chatting to the staff about Japanese food. I couldn’t help tittering at an item on the sake menu called ‘Wanko’ which I avoided in favour of a nice cold Japanese beer.

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