Monday 25 May 2015

Malaysia: Pulau Besar day 1

Hut 101 - Aseania Beach Resort, Pulau Besar
We have been to most of the islands off Mersing on the east coast of Malaysia. Our favourite location, without doubt, is the Aseania Beach Resort on Pulau Besar. As we needed one last trip before returning to England, we headed up Route 3 to Mersing and were eating lunch overlooking the beach within four hours of leaving the house.

With Mrs M larded up and for an afternoon on the beach, I planted my new sketching stool under a shady tree in front of the hut for a doodle. It was quite idyllic.

In the late afternoon, the squeaky bats were getting noticeably fractious as the wind from the imminent storm blew the overcrowded branches of their palm trees. After the rain, they flapped around in the dim light of dusk to let off steam.

After dinner, we sat on the beach looking at the stars and the remnants of a storm on the distant mainland. All good things must come to an end - of all the places we have been to, this has been one of the happiest.

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