Saturday, 16 May 2015

Singapore: Things I shall miss - creepy crawlies

The sight of an oriental garden lizard on our neighbour's fence this morning reminded me of one of the things I shall miss about Singapore: creepy crawlies. 

Geckos are everywhere in the house - sometimes nipping accross the ceilings, sometimes dried and shrivelled under furniture. There are several living in the lamp in the front porch which poop on the car roof every evening.

Ants the size of raspberries often accompany me on sketches. Our biggest cat, Koofi, brings in tree snakes and gets cross when I won't let him play with the cobras. Frogs live in Mrs M's herb garden and have been subject to torment by the aforementioned cobras. Thankfully Abbey the roaming cat has survived almost five years without seeing the inside of a python. Next door has hairy spiders, but they have not ventured into our property.

Other visitors include a pair of very sweet doves in the back garden, mynah birds in the front, a monkey, a chicken, civets, bats, squirrels and of course, mosquitoes. Bloody mosquitoes.

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