Sunday 16 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Nawalgarh

I awoke at 4.30am due to last night's ridiculously early retirement and could not get back to sleep due to the din made by waking sparrows. After breakfast, Mrs M and I had a cookery lesson, making Gatta Ka Saag which is chick pea stew, with two other vegetable dishes, chapattis and parathas. Little did we know this was our lunch....but it was dam good.

Post siesta, we visited several 18th and 19th century fortified mansions called 'havelis'. These were built and lavishly decorated by merchants to demonstrate their wealth and competition was rife to own the grandest house. Sadly the 2000 such houses in Rajasthan are almost all abandoned and decaying. We finished with a walk through Nawalgarth town with our guide from the Eco Lodge among the evening shoppers, bulls and general chaos. It would take a whole book to describe some of things we saw.

After another vege dinner, we went to bed late at 9.40pm.

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